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Youth Instructor Takes Shakedown Sail

Youth Instructor took to the seas today in a shakedown sail to test her seaworthiness, ballast, and new sails from Doyle Sailmakers.

She set off under a reefed mainsail in a good breeze with blue skies. After a good fetch to Peter Island, she safely returned to Nanny Cay with her jib down after some squally weather rolled in.

The new sails Doyle Sailmakers made fit nicely and I was glad we had reefed the main or we would be way over-powered. The boat went fast and was quite lively, but it still needs more ballast to keep her stable. We broke the topping lift which dragged in the water, and one shroud came apart but we fixed it. It was a good shakedown and we have a list of things we can do. All in all it was good!

Martin van Houten, skipper

Youth Instructor, one of three remaining traditionally-built Tortola Boats, was relaunched on Thursday, June 25, 2020 after almost two and half years of repair work following her sinking in Hurricane Irma on September 6, 2017.